OC Housing Report | Hotter Than Last Year

Housing demand is surging and now the market is stronger than last year’s spring selling season.

Getting Hotter: The Expected Market Time for sellers is dropping like a rock as demand expands.

Eagerly digging through a newly opened box of Cracker Jacks to isolate the treasured prize only to find two prizes, that is unexpected. Standing at the Starbucks cash register ready to pay for a Venti® coffee and the barista explains it has already been paid for by the prior customer, that is unexpected. Receiving a love note from a spouse, or significant other, yet it is not a birthday, anniversary, or holiday, that is unexpected. Surging housing demand amid a pandemic where the overall economy is struggling to come back online, that is unexpected. In mid-April, the Expected Market Time (the amount of time from hammering in the FOR-SALE sign to opening escrow) was at 121 days, a slight Buyer’s Market (between 120 and 150 days). Since then, it has dropped by 39% and now the Expected Market Time sits at 74 days, a slight Seller’s Market (between 60 and 90 days), totally unexpected. On average, in the past five years, it has increased by 8 days in the same time period. Last year, the Expected Market Time was at 85 days, slower than today.




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