Creating beautiful succulent’s pots is a cinch with your hometown REALTOR — Tim MorissetteĀ šŸŒ±

Come take a look at my sanctuary! Succulents are so aesthetically pleasing, and can be a staple for your home, inside or out! With the growing trend of minimalism and earthy modern decor, decorating with succulents is the perfect tool! They are super easy to make and cheap too. Don’t think there is only one way. Make your own pots, anywhere you can find! Garage sales, thrift stores, your local Ikea, there is no limit! There are very, very few roadblocks when it comes to succulent making, even if you think you don’t have enough. Check around! Ask neighbors for small clippings or keep an eye out for them around your home. The opportunities are endless! Having a rough start? Let me know! Any of my clients are welcome to take some that Michele and I have put together. Not a client? Not a problem! I am happy to help you start up your succulents. Just stop on by, or email me, [email protected]!

Grow Succulents!


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